The 18-Minute Workout App Reviews

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Love the workout!

I’ve been a fan of TPC ever since the 1st version of OTC Natural Cures. Just started with the app at Beginners level and great so far! Thanks!

Simple, fast and effective

I use this on the road and when time is short. The app gives great direction, with an easy to follow format that works your belly off. Give it a try and see how you can get a great workout in 18 minutes.

Great workout

I am turning 70 next month. I am committed to doing this workout I take Your Daily Dose and JointFx. These truly help my endurance and my recovery after my workout. This is no small feat for me, but I can do it. Thanks


Amazing app to workout and not so hard to do also!


Just started doing this routine and so far I love it.

Feels great

I'm 65 & do yoga & was doing a modified xfit routine. I found this workout when I was ordering more Daily Dose & love it. I'm not in pain like I was trying to keep up with xfit group & feeling more energetic & will do more often because of that. Thanks People's Chemist for making my 60's more fun than I ever thought possible.

Efficient and Effective!

You get what you put into it!


Good app. No digital farts yet and does what it says. Been using for a month One suggestion for the app. For those of use starting at the beginning, it would be great if there was a session lasting 90 seconds to transition to the two minutes sessions


I am 63 and haven't exercised much. This is a good start and it has my heart going. I love your books and supplements. I wish I could see more of the gal and less of the green timer.

Great cardio

Love this 18 minute workout. Can do it in my own home which makes it easy to fit into my day. Gets my heart rate up quickly. Feel my core getting stronger.

Great workout

This program is great. Simple, follow along and effective. Look fwd to the benefits it will have.

Amazing, efficient workout!!!

Time saving, effective workout for busy, health conscious people. Thanks for putting this together! My family loves Shane's books and products!!! Lea-Ann is awesome ❤️

To the point

Get in get it done reap the results

18 Minutes of Me! ❤️

I wanted to take a few moments to say that I am LOVING the workout! Thank you both for putting this together. Less than 20 minutes and I'm done. Single mom of 2, mom boss...anyone can make time for this!

Good app but can't see exercises

It's a good app but you can't see the exercises because the timer blocks half the screen.


I am 65 and an old diehard from doing body building in the 80's. of course I slacked doing this in the last 10 years. Thank to you Shawn and your wife for creating this great workout that really delivers. It's going to be a definite staple this winter. Although I live on the 2nd floor apartment and the ball slams are a nono. I improvised


I love the 18 Minute Workout!!! It's so simple and soo effective! I'm a mom of 3 boys ages 5 to 5 months and this workout is perfect for squeezing in during nap time! Anyone can use this app!!! Thanks Shane for another amazing product! I already love your books and Cinnergy!! Bless your lovely family and keep up the great work!


Easy to use and great work out for 73 yr old grandmother!

Best weight loss system

This workout is part of a larger healthy system that will help you lose weight. I lost almost 50 lbs with it. IT WORKS!!! And the app makes it easier.

The best

My fav work out. 18 min feels like an hour of cardio

Makes it easy!

Love it! Hooked after the first use!

Perfect for home or gym

This App is great for any type of athlete. Beginner to advanced! You can make it as hard or easy as you want. What's even better is there is a clock that counts you down so it's one less thing to have to keep track of!

Great App

Great app. I like that the app has the count down for the start and the rest between sets. I would like if it had a feature that demonstrates the exercise before you start the work out.

It's the best workout

It's the best workout you will ever do and it WILL kick your butt! But isn't that the whole idea? Love that it does it all in only 18 minutes!

Simple! I love simple!

I'm 62, overweight and not very limber. But this is simple and easy to follow. NOT necessarily easy to do - after all, ii's called a workout for a reason! Thanks Shane for all you do to help those who want to help themselves! bb

18 Minute App

Thank You so much for developing this app!!!! I do not have a lot of time to work out, but this 18 minute workout is perfect for my schedule!! I am a huge fan of your products!!! Keep up the great work Shane Ellison!!

Great workout!

Love The People's Chemist! Use his supplements, book and now his exercise app!

Love it!

Long time fan of The People's Chemist. Thanks for the app!

Too fantastic

Love everything "the peoples chemist"!!!! Thank you for making healthy so easy. This workout kicks my butt! Great for any level of fitness & a perfect fit for a crazy mom, nurse, student schedule.

Great app!

Who hasn't got 18 minutes to dedicate to making yourself healthy? I sure do and thank you, Shane!!!

Best Exercise App Ever!

Follow Shane Ellison's easy steps in his Stop Eating So Much book and read his Over-The-Counter Natural Cures book. Do this 18 minute workout 3 times a week. It will change your life! Thanks TPC!!!

Mac Truck

Recovering from ciprofloxacin /cip·ro·flox·a·cin/ (sip″ro-flok´sah-sin) a synthetic antibacterial Posing, that's right posing from a crushed fringes accident. Had I known it's dangerous side affects I would never have taken it. With the help of The People's Chemist. I'm on my way back to health and this 28 minuet work out is the cats meow, I'm 64 years old and coming back strong, I've finally mastered beginners and moving to the next. Thank you Shane.

Thank you, again, Shane!

Super simple to implement, just like all your recommendations to maximize one's health.


I LOVE THIS APP!! I was already doing this awesome workout but this app makes watching the timer SOOO much easier!! And the model doing the exercise makes it super simple to be sure you are executing the movements correctly. Thanks Shane!!


Awesome App! Shane is the man!

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